Every Great Website Starts With a Plan

Download this free workbook and get your site in order! Every website big or small begins with a plan.

You need to know what you want your website do for you, who you’re creating it for, who your competitors are, and more. Download and fill out this workbook to get a clear vision of exactly what it is you want your website to do for you and then use it to create a better site than your competition!

The Message

Let’s make sure your message is cohesive throughout your entire site so your users don’t get lost or aren’t sure what exactly it is that you do! (Very Important)

The Goals

Define your goals and objectives for your website so you have a clear direction and are able to communicate this throughout your website which will lead to more sales and more sales means more moolah and who doesn’t want more of that?

The Audience

Define who your target audience is so you can create a website that will make them drool! One that they can’t resist, one that keeps them coming back for more of you and your business.

Free Up Time

Spending a ton of time on the phone answering the SAME questions over and over again? Let’s map out all those questions and answer them online so you can free up more time and get back to running your business!

The Competition

Learn your competition who they are and what they offer so you can do it even better! It’s time to stand out and let your website book those clients for you. (After all it’s why you want a website anyway).

The Content

Last but not least it’s time to create the drool-worthy content that your visitors want because a website with no content is kind of like beer without alcohol (yeah what’s the point) so let me show you exactly how to do this (easily).

Download Your Web Workbook

Your Web Workbook will be delivered within 1 hour. If for some reason you don’t receive it please email me at hello (at) designbykrista.co and I will make sure it gets to you very soon! 

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