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Custom Brand Design

Each custom brand identity is strategically thought out to ensure leaving a memorable impression that will stand out and grab attention (which leads to more customers and more customers mean more money and we all love more money.) To get started schedule a free consultation call with me now.

Custom Brand Design

Investment | $995

Now Booking January 2018 ( 1 Spot Available )

Once we have finished you will have a logo and entire brand suite that you can truly be proud of! I take the time to get to know you, your business, and your customers to ensure a quality brand built specifically to attract the type of customers you want!


Mood Board

The mood board will be a collection of images, textures, fonts, and patterns that will be created to make sure we are both on the same page as far as design style and aesthetics go. This will be a visual representation of the look and feel you want your brand identity to convey.


Primary Logo

Your primary logo will be the logo that is used the most and will be the primary brand identity.


Secondary Logo

Your secondary logo will be very similar to your primary logo however it will be a slight variation of your primary logo to use in wherever your primary logo may not fit correctly due to its shape etc.


Logo Mark

Your logomark will be a simple mark that will represent your brand (example: Nike has the Nike symbol)


Collateral Design

You can choose up to three collateral items to include in your branding package some collateral items are a business card, letterhead, notecard, product label/sticker etc.


Brand Colors

Creation of a custom color palette for your brand identity.

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