Your website is the best marketing tool you have for your business. It is the virtual representation of your company whether your business has a physical storefront or not.

When people visit your website they can not physically see you like they would if they were dealing with you in person. Meaning people are going to judge your business based on the appearance of your website (not your fabulous personality).

This is where design plays a big role in whether or not a visitor is going to turn into a paying customer.

If your website is easy to navigate, clean, modern, mobile-friendly (in case they are using their phone, tablet, etc.) and has the information they are looking for chances are your visitors are going to stay check out what you have to offer and hopefully will buy.

Think about this… Would you allow a salesperson to be dressed in casual clothes when they are dealing with customers? AND even if you do allow your sales associates to dress casual (nothing wrong with that) I’m willing to bet you don’t want them looking like they just rolled out of bed and put themselves together in 5 minutes.

I’m sure you want them to look like they put in some type of effort this morning. And by making your staff wear professional clothing to work you are telling your customers that you care about quality & effort. First impressions do matter especially when the only thing a potential customer has to judge is what they see and your website is no different.

If your website is put together “casually” and took you 5 minutes or even a few hours you are most likely shouting to your visitors that quality is the least of your worries. While I’m sure you do care and it’s at the forefront of your mind the reality is, if I am a visitor coming to your website and I know nothing about you or your business this is the first impression I am going to get based solely on the design of your website because that is all I have to judge.

Now if I arrive on your website and see a professional layout, great graphics, images, and attention to detail throughout the site the thought that you are unprofessional, or don’t care about quality will most likely not cross my mind.

A well-designed website will show that you are organized, professional, and you mean business. That you care how your business appears and want nothing but the best. You want to make sure you put time, effort, and “love” into your “online storefront” (website) just as you would in your actual store.

On another note, this same concept should apply to all areas that are related to your business. From business cards, letterhead, promotional brochures, etc. it all matters.

As your business grows these items become the face of your business and once again if you think about the salesperson analogy I’m sure it will make sense as to why you want your business to always be “dressed to impress.”

No matter where your customer or potential customers come in contact with your company you want to make sure you are leaving the best impression possible. By having a well-designed website and collateral items you won’t have to be worried; because you know that your website, logo, and all marketing material is professional and you’re showing the world you care about your business.