Week #1: Inspiration & Logo Design

During week one I review all the details you have sent me regarding how you would like your new brand and website to look. From this, I will create a logo design for your business. Your logo will include three designs a primary logo, a sub-logo, and a logo mark.

Week #2: Brand Design

Week two is all about your branding. I will take your logo and create all of your brand collateral items. You will be able to choose up to three. Brand collateral is anything that supports your brand such as business cards, letterhead, stationery, stickers, products labels, stickers, etc.

Week #3: Web Design

During week three I will begin creating your website. This is the design phase. I will create mockups of your website pages in Adobe Illustrator and to you as a PDF file. These mockups will give you a general idea of what your website will look like once we are finished.

Week #4: Web Development

It’s week four and we are almost finished! During week four I begin turning those illustrator mockups into a live functioning site on a demo server for you to view. Once I have everything set I will send you a link to view your new site.

Week #5: Buffer Week

Week five is a buffer week for both you and I things happen you get sick, I get sick, life happens. Week six is dedicated to those life moments. If anything tragic happens to either of us during your project we have a buffer week and we can still stay on schedule.

Week #6: Launch

Week six is launch day! This is when we pull back the curtains and let the world of web users in to visit your site! Sit back, relax, have a glass of wine because you now have a killer website that you are proud of!

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