Meet Krista

Hello, I am Krista, website strategist & designer based in the beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs from all over to create successful web strategies and killer websites. 

I am a firm advocate for clean and effective design with purpose. Each and every product I design is not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to navigate, creating the absolute best experience for my clients’, YOUR, audience.

My goal is to get to know as much about your business and your clients as I can, and then create a digital experience that they can’t resist with a purpose-driven design. I sincerely care about my clients’ success and I am truly passionate about each and every project that I work on. Your success IS MY SUCCESS!

If you are tired of trying to figure this out on your own, ready to discover who your target audience is (no more winging it), create a website that will connect with them, book more clients and stand out from your competitors, then we are ready to work together.

My Story

Before I even knew what design was, I was fascinated with design. Ever since I was a child I would sit and design anything and everything from my house on The Sims (I wouldn’t even play, just design my house).

In my teens, when all my friends were out having fun, I decided to try my hands at blogging and learning website design. I would spend hours looking at what other designers were doing and admiring them. I wanted to be able to do what they were doing.

I worked day in and day out. I was googling and teaching myself everything I could about design and coding. I would design my blog and then redesign my blog. After several years (more like 10 years to be exact) in 2014, I started “Color & Code Creative” which eventually evolved into my personal brand “Design By Krista.”

Now, 29 years old, I’m still in love with web design, except, I have experience working with clients and knowledge about what makes a website successful under my belt.

The design industry is ever changing which is what fascinates me. It never gets boring. There is always more to learn and I love being able to help small business owners and entrepreneurs create websites that do more than just look good. I want their websites to be an amazing digital experience for their users, book clients, and grow their business.

I sincerely care about my clients’ success and I am truly passionate about each and every project that I work on.

Still, want to know more?  

My favorite color is pink, When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, I have 5 children, three of them are under 4, I live off coffee, I hate cooking, I’m a pretty avid Starbucks fan. Nice to meet you!

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